Proposed Charlotte Mecklenburg School Closings

On September 7, 2010, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools announced a list of schools they are considering closing for the upcoming school year.  Here are the now 10 schools which could face closure:


  1. Judi says

    Please check the facts, as most of these schools were identified for reasons other than closure. Ballantyne Elementary, for instance, is OVERCROWDED. So is Torrence Creek. Smith and Villa Heights have long waiting lists and aging buildings that can’t hold more students.
    I’d advise you to check the CMS Web site before disseminating incorrect news.

  2. says

    Thanks for the heads up Judy. I have updated the post from the 9/28 presentation at which CMS made it’s intentions known for the 30+ schools. The initial media reports at the beginning of the month from which this was taken contained a listing of schools but not much else in the way of details for each.

  3. tanya oneil says

    The people who runs cms needs to be replace they have had their jobs to long because they have forgotten about the vission of our children. cms needs to have more handicap and disable classes in all schools all disable children should not have to pay for any thing to take part in the events at school. disable kids are getting the short end of the stick and its not right and its unconstitional all disable kids should have door to door transportation services and if for this to be happing amd no matter what cms schools can not comply. Then Mrs Hash should contract the child parents are legal persons in charge of the children or children and pay them the same amount they pay cms. to do the job.

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