Are 5-Star Real Estate Agent Reviews on Zillow Trustworthy?

Sleazy guy two thumbs up

Online reviews are finally starting to take hold in the real estate community.  Whereas before, a real estate agent would gather positive testimonials from past clients, now sites like Zillow, Trulia, Facebook and Yelp offer clients the ability to rate their agent to provide a review.  Online reviews of anything are viewed as being truthful […]

5 Simple Bathroom Improvements You Can Make For Less Than $100

Painted cabinetry

Kitchen and bathrooms are the two areas of the home where improvements have the largest return on your investment.  In the bathroom, even small changes can have a big impact, especially when you’re preparing your home for sale.  Here are 5 simple improvements that you can do this week to prepare your home for sale: 1. […]

Deficiency Judgments Are On Their Way – What You Need to Know


If you or someone you know was involved in a foreclosure since 2007, the news that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are not seeking deficiency judgments is not good news.  A deficiency judgment is a legal action that bank can take against a former mortgagee to reclaim any unpaid portion of the foreclosed mortgage.  Difference […]

Tips For Selling Your Home in Fall and Winter


The common belief among home sellers is that the best time to sell your home is in the spring and summer.  That may be true in housing markets that are impacted by the weather but homes in the Charlotte area sell throughout the year – regardless of the season.  Additionally, the lack of housing competition […]

8 Tips for Buying a New Construction Home

Beautiful new house

Fall and winter remain the strongest times of the year for new home contracts and sales since buyers can score deals on available inventory before year’s end or they can contract on a home that will be completed during the summer.  So with so many home buyers considering new construction, here are 8 tips that you […]