September 2014 Neighborhood Market Report – University Area


The University area had 131 closings in September 2014.  84.7% of these sales were for resale properties and 15.3% were for new construction.  121 of the closed sales were for single family homes, and of these single family home sales, most were for 3 bedroom (55.4%) and 4 bedroom (34.7%) homes.    The median sales price […]

September 2014 Neighborhood Market Report – Matthews


Matthews posted 110 new listings in September 2014.  December 2013 through April 2014 showed a steady increase of new listings in Matthews; since then, the number of new listings in Matthews has slowly decreased 32%.  That being said, there were still 293 homes on the market in September and the median sales price was $215,000.  […]

September 2014 Neighborhood Market Report – Waxhaw


Waxhaw had 100 closed sales in September 2014, 98 of which were for single family homes.  Of these closed sales, most were for 4 bedroom (38.8%) and 5+ bedroom (40.8%) homes.  There were 86 new listings, down 29% from new listings in August.  The median sales price was $330,921; this median sales price has stayed around […]

September 2014 Neighborhood Market Report – Weddington


There were 10 closed sales in Weddington in September 2014, and 13 new listings.  All of the sales were for 4 and 5+ bedroom single family homes.  The median sales price was $558,078, down 14% from August 2014.  Homes in Weddington stayed on the market an average of 71 days and inventory remains high (72).  […]

Are 5-Star Real Estate Agent Reviews on Zillow Trustworthy?

Sleazy guy two thumbs up

Online reviews are finally starting to take hold in the real estate community.  Whereas before, a real estate agent would gather positive testimonials from past clients, now sites like Zillow, Trulia, Facebook and Yelp offer clients the ability to rate their agent to provide a review.  Online reviews of anything are viewed as being truthful […]

5 Simple Bathroom Improvements You Can Make For Less Than $100

Painted cabinetry

Kitchen and bathrooms are the two areas of the home where improvements have the largest return on your investment.  In the bathroom, even small changes can have a big impact, especially when you’re preparing your home for sale.  Here are 5 simple improvements that you can do this week to prepare your home for sale: 1. […]