In the Media

Here are just some of the print and television media featuring members of The Charlotte House Hunter Group.

Chicago Tribune: Getting the Edge over Multiple Bidders

Charlotte Observer – Agents Tax values role in house sale is subtle

Charlotte Magazine _ The New Real Estate Reality

Charlotte Magazine _ Hot to Not

Charlotte Magazine _ Coming Up Short

Mecklenburg Times: On the Level: Jonathan Osman is an on-the-level Realtor who puts the ‘real’ in real estate

Mecklenburg Times: Flophouses: Real estate agents on the 
lookout for 
short sale fraud

Mecklenburg Times: As more homes go ‘underwater,’ real estate agents enjoy wave of sales

 Mecklenburg Times: Real estate agents don’t have to follow federal rule affecting short sales

Mecklenburg Times: Some agents 
frustrated with 
CMLS’ policy for 
home sizes

Mecklenburg Times: Federal aid lures homebuyers to rural areas

Charlotte Business Journal: Did tax credits fuel a boom in single first-time buyers